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Client Testimonials

Please scroll down to view testimonials from our clients. These include individual, attorney, and business clients. All of our investigations are confidential, discreet, and this includes the identity of our clients and the details of any given investigation. As such, please note that these testimonials have been provided by actual Cody S Investigations clients with their full permission and consent. Some of the client identities have been excluded at the request of the client.

At Cody S Investigations, we always adhere to our customized private investigation approach, which best enables us to maximize the likelihood that we will obtain the desired results in any given private investigation case. This approach consists of the following phases: intake, research, investigation plan development, investigation plan implementation, and investigation conclusion. This approach is what has consistently delivered positive results to our private investigation clients - whether they are individuals, businesses, law firms, sole-practitioner lawyers, or public agencies.

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"I am writing to let everyone know of the great experience and ease of mind it has been in working with Cody S Investigations. It had come down to my final straw and I did not know where to turn. With as much detective work as I could do on my own I reached a certain point and could not get passed the final hurdle. I knew I did not have enough verifiable proof to move to the next step. I needed that extra undeniable piece of information that would seal the deal however it was more than I could pull together on my own.

From my initial phone call to Cody, which was approximately 3 months prior to the actual date of hire, my experience with Cody S Investigations has been extremely professional and courteous. We discussed at length what the best plan of attack would be to benefit all parties. Once the plan was underway I was provided step by step instructions at each interval and play by play feedback the same day or next day latest. The response time to my calls and emails were quick and precise. All of my questions and concerns were answered in a timely manner and easily understood. Their team did a remarkable job to gather and report all the information needed and then more. His attention to detail and exemplary work ethic assisted in bringing this matter to a close in record time. It also proved to be instrumental as we neared the completion of my ultimately long and exhausting goal.

Most of all, I want to commend Cody on his professionalism along with the compassion he shows for his clients struggle. It was such a comfort and relief to know someone was there and that understood what I was going through. He was able to offer much needed guidance so I was able to continue on the right path to the final and positive outcome.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Cody and his team for a job well done and would very highly recommend Cody S Investigations to anyone who is in need of this service."

Cheating Spouse Investigations/Infidelity Client
San Francisco Bay Area

"I am very pleased to highly recommend Cody S Investigations. I contacted Cody S Investigations in regards to finding a long lost old friend of my father's. I had already spent several hours online trying to do my own research, but to no avail. I had minimal information on the person we were trying to find. Cody assured me that he uses multiple resources to locate people. Sure enough, within a few days, Cody contacted me with the phone number to my day's good friend! They are now in contact and renewing their friendship.

Cody is thorough, professional, and affordable. His work is prompt and his communication is excellent. I highly recommend Cody and his thorough investigations."

Person Locate / Background Investigation Client
Grass Valley / Nevada County, CA

"I am pleased to provide a testimonial for the excellent services provided by Cody S Investigations. I wanted to set-up an infidelity investigation, and quite frankly, had no idea what to expect or what services were available. I talked with Cody, who met with me in person, to discuss his services. I was immediately impressed and contracted with him later that day.

Cody not only met, but also greatly exceeded, my initial expectations. He was very easy to work with and very responsive to any contact attempt. He always took the time to explain all of the aspects of the investigation. Cody listens well, understands exactly what is wanted, and executes quickly and efficiently. After working with him, it was obvious he possessed vast knowledge and experience. I have contracted with Cody on two separate occasions, one over multiple days, and one very last minute situation which I was surprised, and delighted, he could accommodate.

Overall, I found Cody S Investigation's service to be excellent and professional, and highly recommend him. I always felt that my investigation received the highest priority and attention."

Spousal Infidelity / Surveillance Client
Santa Clara County, CA

"Cody provides honest, competent, and good natured service. He communicates well and promptly. He is available to answer questions, and he follows up often with call and emails. He is well organized and gets the job done. I plan to hire his services as needed in the future."

Idean P.
San Jose, CA
Private Investigation Client

"I highly recommend Cody S Investigations. I called several agencies before Cody S Investigations and none were able to help. Two agencies mentioned they only work for businesses. One never returned my call. Two others were not available for several days. All those services downplayed my concerns. Cody asked pointed questions and within minutes had good insight regarding potential devices in my situation. Cody also had a wealth of information regarding the laws and regulations surrounding my circumstances. We scheduled an appointment for the following morning. Within 5 minutes his agent found an illegal GPS tracking device on my vehicle and provided the necessary documentation to provide to enforcement. Cody S Investigations is professional, knowledgable, and great to work with! Thank you Cody!"

San Mateo County, California
Private Investigation / TCSM / Technical Counter Surveillance Measure Client

"Dear Cody,

As a busy and remotely located landlord, when a serious tenant problem occurs, I need quick, no hassle, reasonably priced help. When I called you, I experienced responsiveness and a sincere interest in helping me (vs. trying to make a quick big buck). This is refreshing relative to my experience with other legal and investigative services. In less than an hour on the phone we put a cost effective plan together regarding my needs, you did what you said you would while keeping costs in check, and all along the way you paid attention to and protected my interests. I wouldn't hesitate to call on you again.

Thank you, Rob L."

Rob L.
Santa Clara County Landlord / Property Manager
Private Investigation Client

"My experience with Cody S Investigations was excellent. Cody is very professional, honest, trustworthy and a great listener. You feel a sense of assurance throughout the process and Cody treats your delicate matter with respect. His work is thorough, concise and he will provide you with an honest and detailed outcome. I highly recommend Cody and would would work with him again. You will not be disappointed."

Snehta U.
Redwood City, CA
Family Law / Surveillance Client

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"When you picture a PI you imagine an intimidating person. I was initially nervous about approaching and inquiring about such a service. What I did not expect was such a courteous and professional demeanor as was exhibited by Cody S. Investigations. Not only was Cody professional and concise and honest about every step of the process, but he was an excellent communicator which is so important for this line of business.

Most importantly, I felt like I was talking to a friend, someone I could trust, which is is important with such sensitive matters that require investigative services in the first place. To top it all off, the value offering of Cody S Investigations was the best all around based on a thorough comparison of competitors factoring communication, experience, professionalism and cost. I will definitely return to Cody for any future investigative needs!"

San Mateo, CA
Private Investigation Client / Surveillance Client

"Bravo for Cody S Investigations! I employed them twice during the Spring of 2011. The investigator established and explained his credentials when we first talked on the telephone. I outlined in more detail what I expected of him. He responded by outlining various options and suggesting strategies.

My case involved infidelity and whether I could trust my husband on a number of issues. I got the information I wanted with about 10 hours of investigation. His rate is reasonable.He prepared a complete written report along with photographs. He came in under his initial financial estimate and I would recommend him to anyone. If I ever have a need for an investigator in the future, I will beat a path to Cody's door."

Spousal Infidelity / Surveillance Client
San Jose, CA

"Thank you Cody. You did an outstanding investigation for me! I appreciated your professionalism in handling this highly sensitive matter. You were quick and your prices are fair. I will definitely use you again, if the situation arises."

Missing Person/Skip-Trace/Locate-A-Person Client
Orange County, CA

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"I have been defending people accused of crimes for over forty years. Cody's intuitiveness for putting a case together is one of the best that I have seen."

Steve R. Balash, Attorney at Law
Santa Barbara, CA
Certified Criminal Law Specialist / Criminal Defense Attorney

"Cody is dependable, thorough and discreet. I would not hesitate to refer his investigative services to other attorneys. He is well versed in investigation with both law enforcement and legal training. His quick resourcefulness has benefitted several of my clients fight criminal charges."

J.B. Davis, Attorney at Law
San Francisco, CA and San Rafael, CA | Criminal Defense Attorney

"Cody is intuitive, hardworking, and a master at organizing and assessing cases. Cody has worked on a number of cases in my office and each time I have been highly satisfied with his commitment and the work that he has done."

Tara Haaland-Ford, Attorney at Law
Santa Barbara, CA
Criminal Defense Attorney

"Exceptional ability and commitment"

Gary RN Moore, Attorney at Law
San Jose, CA
Business Litigation / Mediation / Personal Injury

"I've looked for reliable servers for a long time and found a lot of disappointment. Cody provided excellent customer care with prompt effective service. I would recommend him to anyone looking for competitive pricing and professional results."

Arcolina Panto, Attorney at Law
Berkeley, California
Civil Rights, Sexual Discrimination, and Employment Law

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