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CA Private Investigator Lic. No. 27223
A San Francisco Bay Area Private Investigations Firm

Experienced. Dedicated. Result Oriented.

Cody S Investigations is committed to providing you with the best�possible private investigation services available. Please contact us�for a free initial consultation so that we can assess your situation. Depending on the nature of your matter, please visit our�Criminal Investigations or Civil Investigations pages for more information.

private investigations in San Jose, CA and find a private investigator near 95008 in Campbell, CA Private Investigator Detectives Agency in Santa Clara, CACody S Investigations�is fully licensed by the State of California as a private investigation firm (CA PI Lic. No. 27223 / Click Here to Verify). We handle a wide array of criminal and civil matters through the course of our private investigation work. We maintain and are backed by a multi-million dollar insurance policy. We can say with certainty that this alone is far more than many of our competitors. Additionally, we are licensed and trained in the use and carrying of firearms, which enables us to handle investigations of increased risk where the potential for harm is higher than usual.

find a private eye investigator in San Francisco Bay Area Private Detectives Agency in Santa Clara, CAOur Number One Priority Is
The Satisfaction of Our Clients

"My experience with Cody S Investigations was excellent. Cody is very professional, honest, trustworthy and a great listener. You feel a sense of assurance throughout the process and Cody treats your delicate matter with respect. �His work is thorough, concise and he will provide you with an honest and detailed outcome. I highly recommend Cody and would would work with him again. You will not be disappointed."

Snehta U.
Family Law / Surveillance Client
Redwood City, CA

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private investigations in San Jose, CA and find a private investigator near 95008 in Campbell, CA Private Investigator Detectives Agency in Santa Clara, CAWe handle a wide array of private investigation matters. This includes criminal investigations, civil investigations, domestic investigations, process services (legal service of process), and various other related investigative services. To view a complete list of our private investigation services or to learn more about a specific service we offer, please visit the "Our Services A to Z Page." Our associate investigators possess tens of throusands of hours of investigative experience ranging from public investigative / law enforcement experience on the local, state, and federal levels to complex private sector investigative services. Regardles of the nature of your matter, we can and will develop an investigative strategy that meets your needs. If you feel that you may need a private investigator, please visit click here to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with our private investigator detective staff. Also, please visit our client testimonials page to read some of our private investigation clients experience with our private detective agency.

Our Approach

find a private investigator detective in San Mateo, CAAt Cody S Investigations, we realize that every situation that may require a private investigator is extremely unique. As such, we tailor and approach each investigation in accordance to your specific needs. What works in one situation may not work another. If you feel that you may need a private investigator, give us a call or visit our�contact us pageto submit your inquiries. We would be happy to assess your situation by providing a free initial consultation.

Our private investigation staff recognizes that there is no situation too small or too big. We will provide you with straight forward, honest, and professional information to assist you with whatever your situation may be.

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Our Experience

find the best private investigators in California private detectives agency in northern californiaCody S Investigations was founded by Cody Salfen as a culmination of Cody's experience in the public and private sectors of the legal (civil and criminal), investigative, and law enforcement fields. Cody's passion for law and criminal justice began at an early age. In elementary school, Cody closely followed the OJ Simpson trial - taking notes on 3x5 notecards while watching Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden go head to head against OJ's "dream team" in the courtroom. Thereafter, Cody volunteered hundreds of hours with the Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Department, for which he was awarded the Los Gatos Lions Public Service Award in 2004. After high school, Cody began his investigative work as a civilian employee in the detective bureau of a San Francisco Bay Area municipal law enforcement agency. While working in this position, Cody was able to work on scene on a number of major incidents, assisting in the intricacies of criminal investigations from start to finish. Cody was simultaneously enrolled in the Criminal Justice Administration Program at San Jose State University where he was named a Dean's Scholar for academic peformance.

Cody has worked on numerous high profile cases ranging from sexual assault cases to identity theft cases to robbery cases to homicide cases. In addition, Cody spent a number of years volunteering his time to various law enforcement related activities. Throughout the course of this work, Cody spent hundreds of hours observing and investigating a number of law enforcement incidents and investigations, ranging from minor non-crime related incidents to among the most complex, serious, and violent natured cases that occur. This included major incidents requiring the most intricate investigative techniques and cases of the utmost severity in nature. This enabled Cody to observe and learn the ways that police officers, detectives, investigators, district attorneys, prosecutors and other law enforcement personnel think and investigate crimes from the point of initial response to the point in which the accused are in some cases found guilty and sentenced and in other cases are found not guilty and exonerated.

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find a private investigator in criminal defense investigator criminal investigation become a private invetsigator in CaliforniaWhile working in law enforcement, Cody assisted in managing the chain of custody duties for the property and evidence associated with and collected from crime scenes and criminal offenses committed in the jurisdiction of the department where he worked. Among the multitude of tasks that Cody undertook while working in law enforcement included acting as the department's liaison to the Santa Clara County Crime Laboratory. This enabled him to learn the policies, procedures, intricacies and extreme importance of accurate documentation relating to the chain of custody of evidence in criminal cases. Cody managed open criminal case liaison duties with the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office, acted as a liaison to the Santa Clara County Juvenile Probation Department, acted as a liaison to the San Jose Police Department's Criminal Identification Unit / "CID" and acted as a liaison to the Superior Court of California in Santa Clara County. For many individuals in law enforcement, they never have the opportunity to witness the progression of a case (i.e. defendant court appearances, follow up investigative work, the trial phase, and the sentencing phase.); their work is done when a defendant is arrested and their report is submitted to their superiors. To the contrary, these positions enabled Cody to participate in, observe, and master the intricacies, timeline, and progression of a criminal case from beginning to end.

Private Detectives Agency in Northern Califonia Private Investigations Private Eye PI Investigator in San jose Nor CalIn 2007, Cody began working for a non-profit drug diversion program for youth offenders through the Superior Court of California in Santa Barbara County. From there, he spent nearly four years working in the law offices of two prominent criminal defense attorneys in Santa Barbara County, where he provided support and follow up investigative work on hundreds of criminal cases being prosecuted in Santa Barbara County. Among the duties Cody undertook in working in the private/criminal defense sector were completing case manangement, investigative, and attroney support service tasks for cases handled by the conflict panel in Santa Barbara County. Many of the cases upon which he worked involved indigent defendants, juvenile defendants, and defendants accused of serious felonies. Many of these clients were gang members or gang affiliates, which enabled Cody to learn a great deal about the inner workings of criminal street gangs and how this impacts the criminal procedure inside and outside of the courtroom. Nonetheless, Cody's work on these cases proved the reality that crimes are committed by individuals from all walks of life, by people from every neighborhood and people from every socio-economic class. �This criminal defense perspective (from the defendant and defendants counsel's point of view) provided Cody with a different, but integral view on the criminal justice system and the criminal process.

While working in criminal defense, Cody volunteered his time with the Santa Barbara Teen Legal Clinic; a non-profit legal service organization in Santa Barbara County that aims to provide youth with free legal services and support in a wide array of legal matters. The majority of his work with the youth clinic entailed working on and advocating for teenagers in the Santa Barbara School District who were facing expulsion from the school board for a wide array of incidents. Through this work, Cody was able to utilize his Spanish speaking abilities in the form of translating for the family members and walking the families through the legal processes that their teenage family members were facing and being represented for by the legal clinic.

detective privada en san joseAs a fluent Spanish Speaker, Cody has been able to utilize his bi-lingual skills through all of these positions of employment, including his current work with Cody S Investigations. Whether he was explaining that a family member was injured in a traffic collision to a the driver of an automobile accident while working in law enforcement, explaining the expulsion process to the immigrant parents of a Santa Barbara Teen Legal Clinic client, or conducting an interview with a Spanish speaking criminal defense client, Cody's ability to speak Spanish has enabled him to more efficiently and effectively approach cases which require such.

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find a pi in san francisco bay area pi agencyCody has also worked on a number of civil cases involving instances of personal injury. While working in the office of a personal injury attorney, Cody investigated the circumstances of each of the cases, reviewed the client's medical records, prepared demand packages that were presented to the adverse party, and negotiated settlements with insurance companies. This experience enables Cody to evaluate and investigate a number of varied types of worker's compensation fraud investigations and personal injury cases.

Prior to transferring to the University of California, Santa Barbara, where Cody graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Cody attended San Jose State University. While at San Jose State University, Cody studied criminal justice administration and Spanish and was named a Dean's Scholar for academic excellence.

These varied positions of employment, coupled with Cody's educational background, Cody has obtained a wide skill set of knowledge, perspective, training, and experience with regard to criminal and civil investigations and the overall legal processes that these areas of the law entail. This skill set of knowledge, training, and experience remains the backbone of his approach to his private investigation cases through Cody S Investigations.

In addition to operating Cody S Investigations, Cody operates Cody S & Associates, Inc., which is a San Francisco Bay Area legal service and security training firm located in Santa Clara County. Cody S & Associates Inc. provides a number of legal and security training services (Live Scan Fingerprinting, Mobile Notary Public Services, Process Services, and California State Approved Security Guard Training and Firearms Training). Please visit the official site for Cody S & Associates, Inc. ( for more information regarding any of these services or to learn more about Cody S & Associates, Inc.

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"I have been defending people accused of crimes for over forty years.
Cody's intuitiveness
for putting a case together
is one of the best that I have seen."

Steve R. Balash Jr., Attorney at Law
State Bar of California Designated
Criminal Law Specialist
Retired J.A.G. Officer - U.S. Navy

"Cody is intuitive, hardworking, and a master at organizing and assessing cases. Cody has worked on a number of cases in my office and each time I have been highly satisfied with his commitment and the work that he has done."

Tara Haaland-Ford, Attorney at Law
Criminal Defense & Juvenile Defense

"Cody is dependable, thorough and discreet. I would not hesitate to refer his investigative services to other attorneys. He is well versed in investigation with both law enforcement and legal training. His quick resourcefulness has benefitted several of my clients fight criminal charges."

J.B. Davis, Attorney at Law
Criminal Defense Attorney

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