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Our Criminal Defense Investigative Services

- Witness Interviews
- Police Report Retrieval
- Expert Witness Testimony
- Retired IRS Criminal Investigators
- Narcotics Experts
- Trial Preparation
- Crime Scene Experts
- Witness Background Investigations
- Criminal Records Research
- Civil Records Research
- Criminal Defense Support Services
- Discovery Assistance
- Appelate Advocacy Investigations
- Criminal Defense Investigations
- Police Internal Affairs Expert
      - Witness Background Checks
- DUI Experts
- Litigation Support
- Crime Scene Photography
- Crime Scene Investigation
- Chain of Custody Analysis
- Accident Reconstruction Specialists
- Use of Force Experts
- Gang Experts
- Identification Experts
- Spanish Translation Services
- Peace Officer Interviews
- Prison / Corrections Experts
- Financial Fraud Investigations
- Police Misconduct Investigations

A Dedicated Team of Investigators
From Local, State, & Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

Our investigative team consists of medical experts and law enforcement experts, consultants, and investigators formerly employed by a wide array of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies with decades of combined experience in the public and private sectors. This includes, but is not limited to the following agencies:

- FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
- IRS - Internal Revenue Service
- FBOP - Federal Bureau of Prisons
- CDCR - CA Dept. of Corrections
- DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration
- USMS - United States Marshals Service
- ATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms
- DOT - U.S. Dept. of Treasury
      - CA DOJ (California Dept. of Justice)
- DFW - CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (Fish & Game)
- Police Officers - Various City & State Agencies
- CHP - California Highway Patrol
- DMV - California Dept. of Motor Vehicles
- BNE - CA Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement
- CBP - US Customs & Border Protection
- DHS - US Dept. of Homeland Security

find a criminal investigator in San Jose CA criminal defense investigationsAt Cody S Investigations, we are committed to providing attorneys, law firms, criminal defense lawyers, and criminal defendants with unsurpassed invetsigative services in relation to criminal defense and criminal appeals matters. Our network of experienced associate licensed private investigators consists of former police officers, crime scene investigators, expert witnesses, narcotics experts, former California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation investigators, use of force experts, former federal agents, former police detectives, former district attorney investigators, former public defender invetsigators, licensed attorney investigators and the like. As such, we have insider's knowledge and perspective as to local, state, and federal law enforcement investigative techniques and strategies. With this knowledge and experience, we are able to provide our criminal defense investigation clients with unprecedented investigative services to help maximize the likelihood that you/your client will obtain a favorable outcome no matter how small or how complex and serious your criminal defense matter may be.

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California DUI Laws San Jose DUI Law Investigations for Criminal Lawyers in San Jose, CA private detectives agency near 95112 campbell, ca PIInevitably, law enforcement investigators do not always execute their duties efficiently, effectively, in a thorough manner, or in accordance with accepted investigative policies, procedures, or laws. This oftentimes comes in the form of law enforcment investigators taking facts and making unreasonable and unwarranted deductions, inferences, or conclusions from these facts, while purporting them as facts rather than what they truly are -- opinions or inferences. The reality is that law enforcement has a vested interest in assigning criminal liability when crimes are committed. In their pursuit of enforcing the law, they sometimes interpret facts in a manner that makes it easier for them to assign guilt to a particular suspect. However, sometimes these actions are unwarranted and can result in a suspected criminal being charged with a crime that is much more serious than the actual act that he/she committed or can result in a completely innocent individual being accused, charged, tried, and convicted for a crime he/she did not commit.

Dedicated to Truth, Justice, & Advocacy

northen california private investigator reviews best private detectives agency in the san francisco bay area At Cody S Investigations, we are here to act as a check and a balance in making sure that law enforcement collected all of the necessary facts in an objective, truthful, and legal manner to facilitate a legal environment of accurate and thorough evidence upon which a jury can make their decision. Not only do we re-investigate the incidents and situations that give rise to the criminal charges we conduct investigative tasks where law enforcement neglected to do so. Our end goal is to provide our clients -- whether attorneys or the criminal defendants themselves -- with the proper facts as to the incident at issue to ensure they are afforded their day in court, to ensure the defendant or the defendant's attorney as all of the facts necessary to mount a defense, to ensure law enforcment conducted their investigation appropriately, and to achieve truth and justice.

The subtle details and interpretations a jury makes as a result of law enforcement's approach to an investigation can be the deciding factor is a jury's decision to find a criminal defendant guilty or not guilty. If you are in need of top notch and quality criminal defense investigation services or merely need short-term assistance in preparation for a criminal case, we can and will tailor an investigative attack plan to assist you. We work hand in hand with a number of criminal defense attorneys in the private sector in addition to defense attorneys who participate in various conflict panels / alternate defense programs in various counties throughout California. As such, we have a wide array of experience in handling all level of criminal offenses involving criminal defendants from all walks of life. To learn more about our invetsigative experience, please visit our About Us page.

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find a private i in the bay area private detectives agency in silicon valley pi agency for san jose criminal defense attorneysNot only does our criminal investigation team re-collect facts to ensure they are accurate and thorough when law enforcement fails to take accurate inestigative steps, fails to conduct investigations in accord with departmental, local, state, and federal investigative policies and procedures, we offer much more. Our associated group of San Francisco Bay Area Private Investigators and Private Detectives in Northern California are dedicated professionals that can help interpret the evidence and facts law enforcement collected, analyze any potential errors or ommisions made by law enforcement as to their criminal investigation, and provide the much needed assistance in the form of tangible investigative perspectives that are oftentimes undervalued or altogether overlooked. Please select one of the options below or scroll down to learn more about our specific criminal investigation services.

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Common Criminal Offenses

- Misdemeanor Offenses
- Infractions / Minor Offenses
- Driving with on a Suspended License
- Disturbing the Peace
- Fighting in Public
- DUI / Driving under the Influence
- DUI Related DMV Hearings
- License Suspensions
- MIP / Minor in Possession of Alcohol
- DIP / Drunk in Public / Public Intoxication
- DUI with Injury
- Resisting Arrest / Delaying a Peace Officer
- Assault & Battery
- Probation Violations
- Probation Revocations
- Parole Violations / Revocations
- Under the Influence (of Drugs/Narcotics)
- Violent Crimes/Homicide Crimes
- Murder (1st & 2nd Degree)
- Felony Murder
- Manslaughter
- Vehicular Manslaughter
- Voluntary Manslaughter
- Involuntary Manslaughter
      - Felony Offenses
- Misdemeanor Offenses
- Fake ID Possession
- Possession of False Identification
- Traffic Tickets/Traffic Citations
- Possession of Marijuana
- Possession of Narcotics
- Possession for Sale of Narcotics
- Domestic Violence / Spousal Battery
- Assault with a Deadly Weapon
- Assault Producing Great Bodily Injury
- Assaulting a Peace Officer
- Battrey on a Peace Officer
- Narcotics Related Offenses / Drug Crimes
- Juvenile Crimes / Offenses
- Gang Related Offenses
- Property Crimes
- Petty Theft
- Grand Theft
- Burglary
- Robbery
- Forgery, Embezzlement, and Identity Theft
- Sex Offenses
- Unlawful Sex with a Minor

Witness Interviews / Involved Party Interviews

find a criminal investigator in san jose campbell los gatos saratoga cupertino private investigator detective agency inRe-Interviewing the involved parties (witnesses, police officers, co-defendants, and other involved parties) can be the key to success in a criminal case. Without the whole picture and without all of the relevant facts in any given criminal defense matter, how can a district attorney be expected to review the police investigation and charge a criminal defendant with the apropriate offense (if anything)? How can a jury be expected to convict or acquit a criminal defendant without knowing all of the facts? The truth is they can't.

Our private investigators possess experience in the public and private sectors in interviewing individuals to obtain accurate, truthful, and thorough responses. When police / law enforcement initially investigate crimes, they will oftentimes fail to ask specific questions that are crucial in painting an accurate picture of the incident at issue. Among our private investigator detectives agency are former law enforcement officers and former legal service staff who know exactly what needs to be asked in any given situation. Our witness interview criminal investigation services help fill in the gaps in law enforcement's investigation to paint a more accurate and thorough picture of the incident or incidents to better enable the jury to make an accurate and informed decision.

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Criminal Defense Litigation Support /
Criminal Defense Discovery Support Services

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"I have been defending people accused of crimes for over forty years.
Cody's intuitiveness
for putting a case together
is one of the best that I have seen."

Steve R. Balash Jr., Attorney at Law
State Bar of California Designated
Criminal Law Specialist
Retired J.A.G. Officer - U.S. Navy

"Cody is intuitive, hardworking, and a master at organizing and assessing cases. Cody has worked on a number of cases in my office and each time I have been highly satisfied with his commitment and the work that he has done."

Tara Haaland-Ford, Attorney at Law
Criminal Defense & Juvenile Defense

"Cody is dependable, thorough and discreet. I would not hesitate to refer his investigative services to other attorneys. He is well versed in investigation with both law enforcement and legal training. His quick resourcefulness has benefitted several of my clients fight criminal charges."

J.B. Davis, Attorney at Law
Criminal Defense Attorney

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